Regine Velasquez
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philippines   Philippines
Bullied for dyslexia
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Tmanner
3/11/13 12:07 PM
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Regina Velasquez known as Regine Velasquez, is a Filipina singer, actress, record producer and TV host. She won the 1989 Asia Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong, and is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

Velasquez is the first Asian artist to stage a solo concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York, as part of Carnegie Hall's centennial-year concert series.

Regine says she was bullied in school because of her dyslexia.

One was the “close to traumatic experience,” as she described it, of being bullied as a child. Regine revealed that she got teased and taunted in grade school because “They know im not able to read".

She added, “My mother thought there was something wrong with my eyes because when they would check my books, they couldn’t read what I wrote (to think) I just copied what was written in the blackboard. I had to be seated in front because they thought I had weak eyesight. I couldn’t distinguish ‘b’ from ‘d’.”

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Posted By: AnaheimCA | 3/11/13 2:37 PM
Dyslexia would be so confusing and frustrating for someone that hasn't been diagnosed
Posted By: ShawnW | 3/12/13 3:06 PM
Love that her stage name is only one letter difference from her real name
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