Paul Potts
Bullying Survivor
Male | Port Talbot, Wales   United Kingdom
Teased for his weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: reknown
3/08/13 11:35 AM
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I wonder what the bullies who made school-life hell for Britain’s Got Talent winner, Paul Potts, think when they see him now? I hope they were watching when Paul wowed us all with his powerful and emotional performance that was also pitch-perfect?

The relentless teasing about his weight and his clothes, and the name-calling that went with it, made Paul Potts want to hurl himself down flights of stairs so the bullies might feel sorry for him if he got injured. These bullies were the very people who drove him to the great love of his life – apart from wife Julie-Ann (Julz), of course – and that is - music.

Often Paul Potts would seek refuge in the music room at lunchtimes, where he knew he’d be safe. And it was there Paul Potts fell in love with classical music and opera in particular, drawn to the sadness and beauty in the music.

Those bullies and a rocky home-life left Paul Potts severely lacking in self-confidence. He has said his voice was his ‘best friend’ in these times.

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Posted By: GoldenSteer | 3/08/13 1:30 PM
Paul looks great with his new dental work good work mate!
Posted By: AnaheimCA | 3/11/13 2:41 PM
His bullies are probably very jealous of him now
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