Uriah Hall
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
Had no confidence in school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Double00
3/07/13 10:37 AM
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Like every other member of the TSMMA family, I’ve been watching videos of Uriah Hall all evening. His fight on The Ultimate Fighter season opener was amazing, and his sportsmanship was just as impressive. But what got to me, was his admission in his video biography that he was bullied as a teenager.

Seriously? Who bullies Uriah Hall? Have you seen him? He’s massive, sculpted, and ridiculously strong. He has an extraordinary spinning back kick, spinning hook kick, spinning make-you-feel-like-grandma-smacked-ya kick, and every other possible way to land a foot on someone’s body while spinning gracefully through the air. He’s an art form in motion, and yes, he was bullied. He admits it. He looks straight at the camera and tells the world, “I was bullied”, which speaks volumes about his character. And then he tells you why. Four simple words that can explain 99% of all bullying situations in this country – told to him by a professional, “You have no confidence.”

It doesn’t matter how he got to a place as a young man that he didn’t have confidence. That’s his story to tell. (And he tells it. Watch his bio!) What matters is that he found a way to build confidence, and that’s through the martial arts. There are hundreds of stories out there like his and not every success story which has risen from the ashes of a bullying situation ends up on The Ultimate Fighter. Uriah is in a unique situation where he can tell his story, be an inspiration, and have an impact on a national level. The fact that he chose to speak about his journey is a testament to not only him, but to his training and the impact it’s made on his life.

If you train at Tiger Schulmann’s, you’ve heard the confidence formula. It’s no secret. Discipline leads to self-discipline, which leads to accomplishment, which leads to confidence. It works. Confident kids don’t get bullied. It’s too much work for the bully, and it’s too intimidating. Bullies pick on people because they themselves have no confidence. By taking the steps to instill discipline in someone, you’ve set them on a course to succeed in overcoming bullying, as well as many other difficult situations that arise in life. Just look at Uriah. He’s a product of the formula. He believes in it. He teaches it. He lives it. And as you can see, it’s produced a very confident young man.

Uriah is an intense fighter, a passionate instructor, and a person who seeks to encourage others in all ways. Why? Because he believes in who he is, and what he does. Because he’s confident. Because of his self discipline and character, he’s been chosen to be an instructor. That’s who we are at Tiger Schulmann’s. That’s who is instilling a sense of self-worth into every student who walks through their door. That’s who will be teaching your children when you bring them to our schools. Every single one of our instructors believes that confidence is the most important thing you can give your child.

As we all cheer Uriah on during the upcoming season, I can’t help but think of the young person watching, just waiting to be given the gift of confidence. Is it your child?


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Posted By: GoldenSteer | 3/08/13 1:34 PM
Oy he is a big boy! How on gods green planet was this chap bullied he is the size of a tree. If I used to bully him I would have nightmares of him finding me
Posted By: BoSoxFan | 3/08/13 2:49 PM
His KO kick in the Ultimate Fighter was one of the best I have ever seen this guy is dangerous
Posted By: AnaheimCA | 3/11/13 2:45 PM
I would definately have a lot more confidence if I looked like Uriah
Posted By: ShawnW | 3/12/13 3:10 PM
If I did have a son one day I would definately enroll him in a MMA class so he had confidence that he could protect himself
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