Stacy London
Bullying Survivor
Female | Brooklyn, NY   United States
Bullied for Psoriasis
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: WakeWall
3/04/13 11:35 AM
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Stacy London is an stylist/fashion consultant, author, and magazine editor known primarily for her role as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality program that features makeovers. After graduating from Vassar College, London started her career as a fashion editor at Vogue and transitioned into being a stylist for both celebrities and designers. She moved into television by co-hosting What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly, and doing fashion reporting for Access Hollywood, The Early Show, and the Today Show. She is a brand ambassador for Pantene, Woolite, Dr. Scholl's, and Riders by Lee. She co-owns Style for Hire and is the creative director of Westfield Style.

In Stacy London's new book, "The Truth About Style," she opens up about feeling like a "monster" and being bullied as a kid due to her psoriasis outbreaks. So, how did these traumatizing experiences lead her to a life working in the fashion industry?

London remembers around age 11 she woke up with a psoriasis break out over her entire body. Her parents tried to comfort her but when she would get to school kids would call her the Elephant Man and run in fear of her infecting them.Due to her experience growing up, she became a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation as an adult

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Posted By: Mania777 | 3/04/13 2:40 PM
Love your show with Clinton! You are a very sweet person. Knew she battled an eating disorder but I did not know about her skin problems. She is very beautiful
Posted By: pray4them | 3/05/13 3:28 PM
Psoriasis can effect anyone and when you see it you can wrongly associate it with no being clean. Very untrue. This is the embarrassing stereotype people suffering from this disease deal with every day. A very cruel disease to have to deal with in school when kids can be quick to judge
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