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Female | Tamworth, England   United Kingdom
Evil Head Teacher
Bullying Type: Emotional
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2/28/13 11:12 AM
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I am a qualified teacher however due to family needs I took on a teaching assistant role and stressed to the head that I was doing this as I was unable to carry out duties out of hours. Initially this seemed to be the solution to my work / life balance. However half a term in I was given an additional 'behaviour' role which foolishly I endeavoured to maintain. This was just the start, I now work in class 8:30 - 12.15 then have a case load of 24 individual children (emotional, social and behavioural needs) to plan schemes of work for, carry out activities with, asses and report on (made up of a 'Well-being groups', 'social skills groups', 'SEN group' and 'behaviour intervention group'. Then on top of all this I was sent on 'Forest School' training and told to gain funding, complete course (NVQ 3 quite time consuming!) and set up a Forest School on site. Again stupidly I endeavoured to carry out these tasks - gaining £5000 funding from Lottery - researched and completed at home in own time. I am paid for 32.5 hours per week all of which is contact time, I have no breaks other than lunch which is supposed to be 12 till 1 but I am in class till 12.15 and have first pm group at 1 so have to use lunch break to set up/gather resources etc. The final straw is now my head teacher is unhappy with and I quote; "The very slow progress of Forest School", "Have I made arrangements with the caretaker to come in during half term?", "I thought you had more about you than this", "You need to be more committed if you want to meet your performance management".
Earlier this week I was violently sick at school her response; "Well you'll have to go home but I'm not pleased and this will be noted." I now feel completely defeated and cannot face going back in, I feel this is bullying and she has certainly made me very stressed and depressed. What do I do??

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Posted By: HandsomeAntiBully | 2/28/13 11:51 AM
1st you should never feel completely defeated. You are a winner, You are strong and Your going to get thru this. The people that succeed in life always get back up when there knocked down! All you can do is give your best effort and try to communicate with this person. If it doesn't work out for you... then, move on and let someone else deal with this person. Not very specific but I hope I helped just a little. I Believe in you, even though I don't know you! ;)
Posted By: jooneUser Verified | 2/28/13 3:27 PM
Thanks :) I am thinking the moving on option!!
Posted By: RayJ4 | 3/04/13 3:07 PM
Time to leave there I think. It will only get worse and she will try to mess up your career and leave you with nothing.
Posted By: pray4them | 3/05/13 3:17 PM
She is trying to take advantage of your goodwill and take all the credit for you work.You dont need to be a part of that organization anymore if that is how they treat their staff.
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