Malcolm Turnbull
Bullying Survivor
Male | Sydney, New South Wales   Australia
Malcolm Turnbull: 'I was bullied at school'
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: BearBoy
2/28/13 8:05 AM
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IN A frank interview with GQ magazine, out on Monday, Aussie politician Malcolm Turnbull reveals how he hated growing up in a boarding school because of the institutionalised bullying.
When asked if he was bullied himself Mr Turnbull said, “Oh, a lot – absolutely.”

“(It) was just big kids dropping little kids who didn’t do what they were told," he said. "I was always ready to fight back, with varying degrees of success. But I just thought having an institution where 18-year-olds, basically men, can beat the crap out of kids who are 13 and 14 is ridiculous,” he tells the magazine.

It is somewhat ironic then that a young Turnbull grew up to work in the political arena which is full of bullies.

Mr Turnbull, whose OzMail investment has netted him an estimated $60 million, still cops a fair amount of abuse, but now it’s about everything from his policies to his ‘privileged’ background.

In response to whether the latter is a hindrance in politics Mr Turnbull tells GQ that it doesn’t help. “It leaves you open to all the usual stereotypes ... the Labor Party is good at framing opponents. Now they’re trying to frame Tony Abbott, a married man with daughters, as a misogynist. They would always try and frame me as this plutocratic, silver tail. Look, the most persuasive thing is being yourself – ultimately people judge you (on) yourself.”

But it’s not all political sword-swinging, a gregarious and comfortable Turnbull opens up to the magazine about meeting his wife Lucy, singing Karaoke, his infamous leather jacket and whether come September and Mr Abbott is unsuccessful could we see him take a turn at the top Liberal job?

“That is so far in the realm of hypothesis, I’ll leave that for others to write about,” he said.

The April issue of GQ Magazine is on sale Monday.


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Posted By: Mania777 | 3/04/13 2:50 PM
Now that he has power he should go make changes in schools to prevent this from happening again.
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