Eddie Ng
Bullying Survivor
Male | Singapore   Singapore
Racially bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Wellness
2/25/13 10:12 AM
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Eddie Ng could pass off as a real-life video game hero.

It’s not just the boyish good looks, impossibly ripped torso, or the fact that he fights for a living. The professional mixed martial artist (MMA), who’s been based in Singapore for the last two years, also has the sort of inspiring backstory and personal philosophy that are the stuff of Street Fighter legend – whether it’s dusting off racism or taking on a challenge.

By challenge, Ng doesn’t mean physical confrontation. In fact, when Yahoo! Singapore jokingly asked him how many men he could take down in a pub brawl, the soft-spoken 26 year-old laughed it off. “Zero. I wouldn’t fight. Since I started doing MMA, I haven’t been in one street fight… There’s no benefit to hit somebody outside.”

Perhaps not quite what you would imagine from a rising star in a sport often labeled as brutally competitive, but Ng’s been defying expectations all his life.

Born and raised in England by parents hailing from Hong Kong, Ng’s ethnicity led to him being singled out and bullied – once, someone spat in his face. His self-confidence was so low that at one point, Ng even resented being Chinese. Then Bruce Lee came along.

“I saw a Bruce Lee movie, and I could relate to how he was fighting against stereotypes,” he explained. “And I found out that people in my school respected Bruce, regardless of his ethnic origin, not because he was a movie star, but because he was a martial artist.”

So Ng began his love affair with martial arts, through the Wing Chun style practiced by Lee himself. But his first true passion was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), which he chanced upon after watching a tape of BJJ exponent Royce Gracie winning the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

“I saw this skinny guy, maybe the smallest, in a tournament filled with wrestlers, boxers and karate and taekwondo experts. He beat everyone… without even throwing a punch. That got me interested.”

BJJ, Ng patiently informed us, is primarily a grappling art focused on ground fighting. But the desire to add stand-up striking to his self-taught repertoire would introduce him to the nuances of MMA and soon after, its competitive levels.
“When I first started competing, there was no way I thought I could make it into a profession,” recalled Ng, who stands at 1.73 metres and currently fights in the lightweight division. “But here’s my mentality: if somebody says I can’t do something, then I want to try and find a way to do it no matter what.”


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Posted By: BullyHitManUser Verified | 2/25/13 10:27 AM
This guy is a true champion based on his attitude and outlook on life!
Posted By: Goodbar | 2/25/13 1:57 PM
Sounds like a really great person and I hope he does really well in UFC
Posted By: SUPAHSTAR | 2/25/13 3:40 PM
Never let people tell you that you cant do something and you will be alright
Posted By: Corked | 2/26/13 2:49 PM
HIs next fight he should wear temp tattoos to look like Bruce Lee!
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