Roxanne Pallett
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for dark skin
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: stang
2/21/13 11:35 AM
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Roxanne Pallett has revealed she suffered at the hands of bullies when she was at school.

The Emmerdale actress, 30, says her foreign looks marked her out as a target.

'My grandad is Italian, so I've always had darker skin than most people,' she says. 'And at school, this singled me out from the other kids.

'I was a bit of a tomboy, too, and found it easier to get on with the boys. I think that was something to do with it.'

It was only when Roxanne signed up for after-school drama classes that she found an escape route from the bullies' taunts.

So now she's a successful actress, does she feel she's avenged the schoolyard snipers?

'A few years ago, I would have thought, "Ha!"' she tells Saturday magazine.

'I remember walking out of the classroom thinking, "I'll show them". But now it's more "I'll show myself". I don't want to get back at anyone.'


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Posted By: USAdoll | 2/21/13 2:46 PM
It takes an even stronger person to release the hate and move on with no burden from the past
Posted By: ProductZ | 2/22/13 12:55 PM
She has beautiful skin!
Posted By: jmann88 | 2/22/13 1:20 PM
Drama may not be the cool thing when you begin but everyone loves you when you become an actress so riddle me that
Posted By: Goodbar | 2/25/13 2:00 PM
Well said Roxanne you shine in the spotlight
Posted By: Corked | 2/26/13 2:53 PM
Light brown skin with an English accent, what a knockout!
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