Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Bullying Survivor
Male | Mission Viejo, CA   United States
Got jumped for no reason
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Birch
2/19/13 1:55 PM
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"Of course, I got picked on. I remember getting breakfast sandwiches thrown at me, thrown at my head in the cafeteria. I'd pop up to see who did it and see a bunch of glaring eyes stared back at me. I remember getting shoved into lockers and being afraid to go across the street because I might get jumped."

"I have the worst story ever -- I was walking across the McDonald's parking lot near the end of the school year and my buddy was right across the way. I remember walking over there. I was looking at him and I was so happy, it was a happy day. The sun was shining, school was almost out and then my buddy's face shifted from happy to 'look out' and he was pointing behind me. The next thing I know I got blindsided by this big kid. And then this guy just started kicking me and jumping me. This was for no reason other than to punk me. I barely got out of that with my vision intact. The guy kicked me in the eye so hard when I was on the ground. And there was no reason for it other than that guy just to feel better about himself."

"Eventually, I fought back. I learned mixed martial arts. I became the type of guy to fight back. Bullies won't hang around if you eventually fight back. That is what the show is doing -- we're fighting back."

"I got confronted by a guy who jumped me, and I immediately subdued him with a guillotine choke. I was shocked by how people who don't train don't know what the hell they are doing."

"Stand up for yourself. You don't even have to fight nine out of 10 times. They won't do the things they say they will do. They're all talk. Just stand up for yourself."


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Posted By: Merciful1 | 2/20/13 3:35 PM
Jason is a great person who sticks up for the litte guy and changes bully's minds about messing with people. His show bully beatdown is proof of that
Posted By: USAdoll | 2/21/13 2:56 PM
The more kids are trained at a young age to protect themselves the less they will have a fear of being jumped at bullied. I would let Jason teach my son how to fight anytime!
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