Brian May
Bullying Survivor
Male | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied when he was small
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: recon
2/18/13 9:56 AM
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Brian Harold May CBE is an English musician and astrophysicist most widely known as the guitarist, songwriter and occasional singer of the rock band Queen. As a guitarist he uses his home-built guitar, "Red Special", and has composed hits such as "Tie Your Mother Down", "I Want It All", "We Will Rock You", "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Who Wants to Live Forever".

I was bullied when I was small, I was scared but too ashamed to tell my Mum and Dad. The bullies would wait behind some gates and jump out on me as I walked home from school. They were seemingly very brave and strong, which I wasn’t. But I noticed that when they were on their own they didn’t seem so brave. One day I found myself in a deserted playground with the ‘head’ of the gang. I started up a conversation about how childish it was to have to use force to make our point. He agreed - he was above that kind of thing, he said. After that they never troubled me. It didn’t stop him bullying other people, but he seemed to regard me as “OK”. I also remember being bullied physically by the boy who lived next door to me. He would use his nails to scratch my face – some of the scars I can still see. One day I got so angry I literally “Saw Red” – actually a kind of white haze with red tinges! Without even thinking, just outside the school gate, I threw a punch at his face. He dropped to the ground, partly because of the blow, but I suspect mainly from shock that I had done anything at all. He NEVER hit me again.

Much later on, I was part of a group of friends at secondary school - we seemed very strong and powerful when we were together. I didn’t think of it as a gang, more a kind of club. It seemed to make us stronger when we found someone who seemed different from us in appearance or behaviour. Somehow if we laughed at him it boosted our confidence in ourselves - made us feel safe - WE couldn’t be laughed at - HE could. It was ages before someone pointed out to me that I was behaving like a bully. That I WAS a bully. We were already in trouble - the boy hadn’t found it funny - he’d had something close to a nervous breakdown and so had his Mum. We suddenly felt dirty and ashamed. We made our apologies and changed our behaviour. But of course the damage couldn’t be fixed. I think if I’d really sat down and thought about what was going on I would have had the sense to to stop right away. But I hadn’t. It remains a blot on my school memories.

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Posted By: Cuddles | 2/18/13 11:29 AM
Awesome hair!! Total rockstar!!
Posted By: Merciful1 | 2/20/13 3:39 PM
Queen is one of my all time favorite bands so I was happy to see that he was on this website as a contributor
Posted By: USAdoll | 2/21/13 2:59 PM
Guitar player for Queen and an astrophysicist What a combination!
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