"Dear Bully" letter
Male | San Lorenzo, CA   United States
Im fat so what
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: IknowIam
2/14/13 2:18 PM
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Why do you have to call me fat fatass fatty lard butt hippo and all those things.I told you I know I am fat so why do you have to yell every time you see me.Do you feel cool.Do your frineds like when you do that.I dont think its cool.I am better so I dont say anything to you like that.I would forgive you if you just told me sorry one time.I just want you to tell me sorry.

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Posted By: livinlife7404User Verified | 5/18/13 10:27 AM
You might be thick, but that bully is ugly!!!! You love yourself, you are beautiful just because you realize it .....People who have never had a weight issue don't know what it's like. Go do something nice for someone, that's what makes me feel better, because those mean people wouldn't do anything nice for anyone
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