Kirill Chayka
Bullying Survivor
Male | Ukraine   Ukraine
Bullied for being the small kid
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: jumbled
2/13/13 11:04 AM
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"Motivation runs through my veins", the handsome athlete says and proudly smiles when flexing the muscle he has built. Kirill Chayka is a 22-year-old bodybuilder from Ukraine who lives in the USA, South Carolina, calls himself "Cheerio", and stands 5' 11" at 215 lbs. His physique is highly imposing: massive and extremely defined. Kirill tells how he started bodybuilding: "I was that skinny small kid in high school, younger than everyone else, smaller and bullied in PE class. I got into college at 160 pounds and started going to gym to gain mass and stop being that pathetic little guy." Two years later and at 206 pounds, he decided to compete and succeeded: 1st place Body Weight Bench Press Tournament (2010), 1st place Teen Upstate Classic and Most Muscular Overall. "I love bodybuilding because it makes me feel good about myself", Kirill says enthusiastically.

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Posted By: Rusty | 2/14/13 2:10 PM
A lot of small boys get picked on in PE and you can either accept that your small or do something about it like he did!
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