Courtney Byrne
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Sydney, New South Wales   Australia
People at school making me self harm.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: BVBarmy
2/09/13 4:23 AM
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I know that i'm not horrible looking but i always feel really down and self harm when people really hit my core. And continue to pick on me and call me ugly. And the other day i was in my math class and someone thought it would be funny to get themselves and there friends to pick on me the entire lesson. And call me ugly. dumb and anything that you could think of to make someone sad. And i got in a really bad state and i started self harming. And now when i go to school i feel like everyone is talking about me. And saying that i'm ugly, stupid and other things. So i try to only be with my friends and not talk to anyone. And now in class i sit up the back by myself and not talk to anyone and try not to make eye contact because i'm scared that people are gunner be mean to me and always put me down for the rest of my life.

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Posted By: Nside | 2/12/13 10:40 AM
If you shy away then you will encourage your bullies to continue. The next time you are being bullied in class raise your hand and tell your teacher that you are trying to pay attention but the other students around you are calling you names and distracting you. The teacher will most likely move them away from you and give them a warning not to continue. If it still does then wait after class and speak with your teacher in private. Tell your teacher that they are bother you so much that you have been harming yourself. When you inform adults of how serious the situation has become is when you will get the attention you deserve. Shutting down and hiding is not the answer because you dont deserve to be bullied. Stopping it now before it gets too big of a problem is your best solution.
Posted By: FriendshipBenchesUser Verified | 2/22/13 6:19 PM
"I never did mind about the little things" Just simply turn around to your tormentors and tell them this. They are just tiny people with tiny brains and they think that they are so very clever and fun. You happen to be their toy. The moment that you realize that you will NOT be their toy...they will see the change and leave you alone. Off they will go to torment another soul. "I never did mind about the little things".....Good luck and keep us posted...
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