Tanay Jackson
Bullying Survivor
Female | New York, NY   United States
Tito Jackson's daughter / singer TANAY JACKSON
Bullying Type: Emotional
Twitter @TanayJackson

Posted By: TANAYJ
2/07/13 10:43 AM
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When I started junior high school I was different and unique. I had bucked teeth and and I came from a mom who is South American so I had a bit of an accent when I pronounced certain words. I was harassed and humiliated for it. The kids threw paper at me, insulted me, and threatened to beat me. Sometimes they even harassed me walking on my way home; 70% of the time I came home crying.

One day I realized that half of a school year had passed by and no one did anything to me physically. The bullies were just scaring me psychologically with their hurtful words. I also realized that the people who were bullying me were experiencing a hard life at home themselves and were insecure in some way.

So, I set my plan to help deal with the bullying situation: My mother made sure she picked me up everyday after school or had an adult come pick me up if she couldn't make it, and that stopped the harassment after school. If the bullies ever threatened to become physical towards me I would tell them that I was going to report them to the police and the Board of Education. This solution worked. A lot of the bullies would back off of me because some of their parents didn't know they were bullies and some of them would only act this way when they were in school around other kids. The threat of me reporting them would blow their cover and so it helped put a stop to the harassment.

As I became an adult, the people around me matured and finally learned what they were doing was wrong which led to end of the bullying in school. I want people to know that it does get better and to stay strong!

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