Eliza Cummings
Bullying Survivor
Female | Portsmouth, England   United Kingdom
Eliza Cummings bullied in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
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2/06/13 8:11 AM
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It must require huge confidence in your looks to strip for a fashion magazine and pose knickerless. Yet Eliza Cummings, the 22-year-old London model photographed thus alongside Cara Delevingne and Liberty Ross for this season’s Love magazine, grew up believing she was ugly.

“I got really badly bullied, really badly. I was the ugly kid, apparently. I was always a bit of a weird kid. You know those kids you see that have got nothing going for them? I was one of them,” says Cummings, who grew up in Battersea.

Not so now. “I love Eliza, she’s a brilliant, fun girl and has one of the hottest bodies in the world,” says LOVE editor Katie Grand. The picture of her flexed, 5ft 9in physique is proof. She is also dating a member of one of Europe’s most famous banking dynasties, the financier Nat Rothschild.

Still, it took two separate, unsuccessful scoutings before Eliza stepped inside a model agency. The first, when she was 14, she never followed up because her schoolmates convinced her she was too unattractive for modelling. The second was while she was working as a junior at Toni & Guy, a job she didn’t enjoy.

It was Cummings’s mother, then a student at London College of Fashion, who persuaded 15-year-old Eliza through the door of Select Model Management, which has David Gandy and Pixie Geldof on its books. Defying the doubters, Cummings’s first job was for the cover of Italian Vogue.

Part of Eliza’s appeal is her personality. “When the clock had barely reached midday, Eliza was already cracking open a bottle of vintage pink champagne, declaring to the studio at large that it was nearly five o’clock somewhere in the world,” writes Grand in her LOVE Editor’s Letter, describing Cummings’s photoshoots as a fun social occasion. Vivienne Westwood is said to adore her.

Another asset, Cummings has said, is that she looks boyish. Her agency thought she so resembled Elvis that at the start of her career she used the name Eliza Presley.

“Because boys didn’t like me when I was younger, I never had boyfriends, so I went to the hairdresser and dyed my hair bright blonde and had extensions put in. Then my friends put me in the tiniest miniskirt you’ve ever seen. Honestly, it was like a belt. And what do you know? I got a boyfriend.”

The blonde hair didn’t last. A dark, punky crop — which surely suits her better — has almost become her trademark. One assumes boyfriends are queuing up.

But Cummings is attached. She and Rothschild are renovating a house in Richmond amid speculation about an engagement.

At 41, Rothschild is almost twice Cummings’s age. She admits frankly that she probably prefers older men because she grew up without a father around. Most importantly, “to me now he’s got to make me laugh and be intelligent. They’re the first things I look for in a man.” She says she had no idea who Rothschild was when she met him.

For Cummings, modelling isn’t a long-term plan. “I see myself going to college once modelling has finished ... Being a doctor is like my dream job.”

For now, though, this girl is sticking with being one of London’s most fashionable.

Read the full interview in Love 9, The Clean Issue, Spring/Summer 2013, out now, also available to purchase on LOVE’s iPad app (thelovemagazine.co.uk).

Source: http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/nat-rothschilds-bare-lady-hot-new-model-eliza-cummings-8482951.html

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