Mike "The Miz" Mizanin
Bullying Survivor
Male | Cleveland, OH   United States
Bullied by Wrestlers
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: REACT
2/01/13 10:41 AM
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The Miz can now call himself a former WWE Champion and a bona fide star in the company.

But, before he was at the top of the wrestling world, he was at the very bottom, despite already being signed with the WWE.

In a recent interview with Adelaide Now, The Miz reflects on how badly he was treated during his early days working for Vince McMahon:

“Nobody liked me, everyone wanted me fired and was trying to get me fired. I’m in the WWE, and everyone there and the WWE Universe hates me. It made me feel like I was walking on egg shells,” The Miz said of his colleagues.

“I got kicked out of the locker rooms, so I couldn’t find a place to change or shower. I remember one time going down the corridor to go to the (stadium’s public) bathroom and fans going `Oh my god, that’s The Miz’ – thanks, I’m going to the bathroom next to a kid that has my shirt on. It’s kind of belittling and humiliating. But it’s one of those things that made me stronger and made me realize I could take everything that anyone dishes.”

The Miz’s early struggles in the company have been widely known for a while now, as he’s even mentioned on WWE TV how he was a victim of backstage bullying from guys like JBL when he first started working for the WWE.

Why was he bullied? Quite simply, it was because most WWE stars felt that The Miz only made it to the main roster because of his reality TV days and the attention it might bring to the WWE.

It’s somewhat understandable, as I’m sure that—at least in the back of my mind—I’d be wondering if that’s why The Miz was wrestling on Smackdown and I wasn’t.

But it’s also a bit ridiculous, because it’s not like Miz was some huge celebrity. He was just a contestant on a few MTV shows.

So, when I watch The Miz today, I can’t help but wonder what some of his former bullies are thinking. Are they jealous, pissed or proud of him?

It should be the latter, because The Miz showed a ton of heart, work ethic and character to get where he is now.

Good for you, Miz. Hard work pays offs.


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