Jay L
Bullying Survivor
Male | Pittsburgh, PA   United States
Threw Frogs and rocks at me!!!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Jlipps
1/25/13 11:10 AM
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This is my 2nd story posted. I was with an old friend and he reminded me about something I guess I had blocked out of my mind. The middle school I attended was next to a little ravine that had a shallow creek and pond in it. Allot of kids would go through the ravine on the way home after school. In the summer & springtime the ravine was full of
frogs and other various animals.

For many years kids in my town made me their human target, they would throw lots of things at me, including big rocks, but the worst and what they thought was the funniest was chucking big frogs at me. They called me froggie boy for manny years. When I saw the kids with frogs in their hands I would run as fast as I could to get away... some-times
I would get away, but usually they would get me. I would often get home crying and not tell anyone. I guess the lesson I learned was.... I probably should've told adult.

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Posted By: MeerAkul | 1/28/13 3:08 PM
I bet if you would have told one adult they would have scolded those kids so bad they would have thought twice before messing with you again
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 2/04/13 10:04 AM
always tell an adult when something is being said, or done that hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable. That is so sad and i'm sorry that happened to you. Its hard to fathom a child having frogs thrown on him and running to escape it... I wish you well...
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