Judith Lucy
Bullying Survivor
Female | Perth, Western Australia   Australia
Terrified of her bully
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: jalapeno
1/25/13 8:52 AM
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Judith Mary Lucy is an Australian comedian, known primarily for her stand-up comedy.

"I never went to kindergarten because Mum was under-confident socially, and kept me at home. She didn’t think it was important for me to socialise with kids, didn’t realise it was a big deal for me when I started school. I’d only ever mixed with adults, and when I was thrown into this environment of 26 girls and four boys, I had no idea how to relate to them. I found it very difficult.

A girl who was a year older than me sussed this out pretty quickly, and in the first month or so she just scared the hell out of me. She came up to me in the playground and basically said, ‘You have to stand here, in this circle, and if you move I’ll hurt you.’ I was six, absolutely terrified, and I’d spend every recess and lunchtime standing in this circle and not moving. I finally broke down and told my mother, and she went down to the school and talked to someone and it stopped, but the fear didn’t really go away."


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Posted By: dragonking | 1/25/13 11:21 AM
Kids dont be afraid to tell your parents about a bully at school because its not your fault
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Country: Australia
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