Movie Star X
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Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
I'm a Movie-Star But I cant tell you my name!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: MovieStar4RealUser Verified
1/24/13 12:07 PM
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I'm sure most people won't believe this but I am a movie star, one of the biggest Hollywood. I wish to stay anonymous because I don't want any attention regarding this subject. I was bullied both emotionally and physically from the time I was very small up to 17 or 18 years of age. Most of the physical part - I won't get into, but bullies in my school would often hit me, throw me in the locker and torture me in various ways. That bullying has molded me into a better person today.

I was once voted sexiest man alive. Because of that fact, when I was a younger a lot of kids would call me pretty boy "may be added jealousy?" but they would definitely be mean to me, verbally assault me and always try to beat me up.

I'm a proud bully survivor and I like to let all the kids know that things will definitely get much better as an adult.

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Posted By: BBoy123 | 1/24/13 2:39 PM
Is it Aston Kutcher? I think it is!
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 2/04/13 2:25 PM
Thank you for sharing your story... Its good to know, anonymous or not, that there are celebrities that will come to this great site and post their stories. Thank you, whoever you may be. Im sure those bullies feel like crap now, watching you on the big screen!!
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