"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Ronald, WA   United States
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Alone
1/22/13 7:43 PM
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I have been cast out of everything because of you. You call me emo and a f*g and sl*t. Did you ever take one moment to think about how it affected me? I dressed different and you picked on me. I dress the same you pick on me. I change back to my old way of dress and it gets worse. Pushing me into a bathroom sink and stealing the necklace my great grandmother left me, the last memory I even had of her. I hope karma comes back and gets you. I truly do. Because you were bulling me even my friends left me. From 8th grade tell 11th I was alone. When I finally meet someone like me. He really liked me I thought. Until you came in and ruined it all. I was a virgin when you told him I had been "sleeping around" and even had your male friends tell him I slept with them. You ruined my life, truly you did. I hope someone makes you feel the way you made me feel. Alone, ruined, terrible, depressed, and suicidal. Why did you have to do this to me? The day of graduation I was so glad I would never see your face again, I thought I would be ok. But now in college what you did to me still effects me. You truly, ruined me.

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Posted By: HatsOffUser Verified | 1/25/13 2:24 AM
This necklace and virtue need to be replaced. You are incredible to be so honest...and I've walk in some shoes like yours.
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