Eddie Perfect
Bullying Survivor
Male | Melbourne, Victoria   Australia
Bullied in high school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Haystack
1/22/13 10:54 AM
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At our last assembly, the school captain got up and did his speech and said, ''You know they say that high school's the best years of your life'', and then he broke down and started sobbing. Really crying, really upset, saying, ''I can't believe we're going to leave all this behind. It's been so amazing''. I'm looking at him, astounded, thinking, ''Are you kidding me? Anything and everything is going to be better than this''.

My school was an all-boys private in Mentone, in Melbourne. Everyone wanted to be an engineer. I still don't even know what an engineer is but lots of people wanted to be one.

The teachers specifically told me not to study the things I wanted to because it wouldn't add up to a decent tertiary entrance score. I was determined to study the humanities, whether it was beneficial for my grades or not, and I ended up getting the highest marks in my year.

I was always creative and wanted to be successful and do something unique but none of that was ever recognised at school. It was kind of my own shameful little secret. I had a very strong inner-life and, looking back, I was clearly searching for a way to express myself but I didn't have an avenue. I thought visual art was going to be it and then I got into art school and discovered that I didn't have anything to say.

It wasn't until I discovered songwriting, five years or six years later, that I went, ''Oh, this is it''.

I love words and music. I've got ideas and I can express them.

There was this guy at high school, Patrick, who was sort of an enemy. For no reason, he would grab me, twist my arm behind my back at lunchtime and slam my face into the locker.

Most of my formative events were being rejected by girls I liked. I had the hots for one, Zoe, and I got up the courage to ask her to my year 12 formal. Within five minutes of getting there, she was getting it on with Patrick. That sort of thing happened a lot. His PE teacher nicknamed him "Not-So-Perfect": "I don't think I fitted in because, essentially, I was a bit of a wuss-bag. I was sensitive and I'd cry really easily."

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I had sisters, so I was really good at talking to girls and not good at exploiting them, which is 99 per cent of how you get by with girls at high school.

Our school finally had a musical when I was in year 11. It was amazing because I got to meet girls doing something I was actually good at. I was making headway. Until one day.

I used to ride my bike home past the bus stop, where about 200 girls from the local schools converged every afternoon. It was the most hideously self-conscious stretch of road I'd ride along. On this particular day, I thought I'd ride without my hands on the handlebars when, like a miracle, I hear ''Hey, Eddie''. It was a pretty, popular girl from the musical waving at me, so I turned around, waved and rode into the back of a parked car. I didn't even break my fall with my hands. I smashed my face into the back windscreen, the bike crumpled in half, I hit the deck and 200 girls just pissed themselves laughing. That undid all the good work.

What motivated me a lot, and probably still motivates me, was getting out. I hated Mentone. Really hated it. I wanted to find my own community.

Shane Warne: The Musical was the first thing I did that Mentone would be vaguely interested in. I got asked to sing the national anthem for the Boxing Day Test and afterwards, people were ringing up my family in tears. It was the pinnacle of success to them.

It made me realise I don't give a shit. From school I was originally motivated by, ''I'll be a success and I'll stick it up all of you and show you'', but now I don't care. I don't do it for that reason at all any more. Everyone's motivated by something. If you're lucky - and I consider myself lucky - you find a medium that you really love.

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Posted By: MrMonroe | 1/23/13 1:55 PM
I am with Mr. Perfect on this one my high years were horrifying compared to life after high school
Posted By: yodannysams | 1/24/13 11:18 AM
Sorry to hear your face got smashed so often. I can't believe Zoe was getting it on with Patrick, i bet she wishes she went to that dance with you now!
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