Wendy Harmer
Bullying Survivor
Female | Melbourne, Victoria   Australia
Kids called her Eagle Beak
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Comforts
1/21/13 9:22 AM
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The daughter of Graham Frederick Brown and Margaret Elsie Brown (née Wicks), Harmer grew up in small country towns in Victoria, including Bendigo, Selby, and Geelong, where she studied Journalism at the Gordon Institute of Technology and became a reporter at the Geelong Advertiser. Her journalistic career took her to Melbourne, where she worked for The Sun newspaper and was introduced to a comedy group performing at the Flying Trapeze comedy venue. This group included Ian McFadyen, Mary-Anne Fahey, Peter Moon, and Jane Turner, who asked Harmer to join the group after performing some of the scripts she had written for them.

Born with a severe bilateral palate and lip, teased at school as "Eagle Beak": "My father never gave me an inch, never let me feel sorry for myself. Itinstilled a level of stoicism that I don't have for my own children. If I found out my kids were being called names, I bet I'd be hauling off to the school and standing at the gate with a baseball bat."


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Posted By: InnerChild | 1/21/13 10:59 AM
My best friend growing up had a cleft lip and I used to always stick up for her when she was being bullied. Its a good thing Wendy had such a tough Dad so the bullying didnt get the best of her
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