baylie ray-johnson
Bullying Survivor
Female | Houston, TX   United States
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: coastrico
1/18/13 10:05 AM
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I have been bullied for about 3 years now and no one really did anything to stop it, not even me. The girl that bullied me would push me when i'm not expecting it, hit my lunch tray to the ground, jump me, spread false rumors about me, always bring me down and tell me a lot of things that would hurt. I was scared of her, she would make me cry every day. she made my life a living hell. one day i was walking home from school and i bumped into my bully, she pulled my hair and threw me to the ground. She was about to punch me until this girl i went to school with stopped my bully from hitting me. She grabbed my bully by her neck and threw her on the wall. She gave my bully one punch to the face and kicked my bully on her rib cage. My bully was on the ground holding her self and crying of agonizing pain. She bent down, looked at my bully and said, "enough". My bully nodded her head and put her head down. Then the girl that saved my life told me i needed to start sticking up for myself. She was always the kind of girl who would bully the bully's. Even though she was popular, she was also very humble and respectful. She got along with everyone who's anyone and she saved my life because i don't have to go home crying anymore. But that day was the first and last time i ever saw her because the next day i went to school, she wasn't there. People say she dropped out of school and others say she just moved to a foreign country. But if i could see her again, i would want to thank her for saving my life. Her name, Terava Kurth.

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Posted By: InnerChild | 1/21/13 10:50 AM
Did that bully ever get in trouble for what she did to you?
Posted By: coastrico | 2/07/13 1:53 PM
yes she did. but i didnt tell on her. i dont know who did...
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 2/04/13 3:40 PM
Its amazing who is put in our path's to save our lives, in some form or fashion. That girl Terava not only saved yours, but I'm sure she affected the life of the bully. That is awesome. So many times, I would see the girls at school watch as I was being bullied and never do a thing to help me. They would later ask if I was ok, but never would they stand up for me. Lucky you!! Awesome share!
Posted By: coastrico | 2/07/13 1:56 PM
im sorry to hear that, i would have tried to help you, even if that meant i would get my butt kicked. but im grateful. i wish i could see her again to thank her personally.
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