Sophie Turner
Bullying Survivor
Female | Melbourne, Victoria   Australia
Bullied as a teen
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Nifty
1/17/13 10:59 AM
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There have been a lot of incredibly tragic stories in the media lately, about kids who have struggled so badly with bullying that they have resorted to suicide. Hearing these stories gives me the chills, puts a lump in my throat, fills my eyes with tears… It is just so terribly sad. I feel very strongly about bullying because I, myself, was bullied as a teen.

The kids at my school used to tease me about everything. Being too pale. Wearing glasses. Having braces. They used to accuse me of wearing lipstick to school, when actually I just have naturally red lips (anything looked unusually dark compared to my fair skin). They would make fun of me for my skinny arms, my gangly legs. I was “too tall”, “too skinny”. I was “too nerdy”, “not popular enough”, “not pretty enough”.

Here I am at age 10, which is when the teasing started. They called me “ghost” and “albino” and made fun of my lips.

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