Jessica Gomes
Bullying Survivor
Female | Perth, Tasmania   Australia
Bullied for biracial
Bullying Type: Emotional
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1/17/13 10:35 AM
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Jessica Gomes is an Australian model who appeared in the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the Swimsuit Issue of the United States–published magazine Sports Illustrated. She was featured in a bodypainting layout as a canvas for bodypaint artist Joanne Gair, who is in her tenth year of producing bodypaint art for the Swimsuit Issue. She was part of a record group of seven "rookie" Swimsuit Issue models

While in school in Australia, Jessica tells us she dealt with racial criticism and bullying. She reflects back on that ordeal:

“I was but one of the only sort of Asian girls in my primary school and high school and I did deal with a lot of racial criticism and it sort of blew my mind because I grew up with a European father and an Asian mother…I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to me…I realized at the end of my schooling that, ‘Hey, I got something different. So I’m just gonna roll with it.’…Obviously it’s very harder to as a young girl, you know, growing up in a school where people are bullying you and teasing you about how you look and where you’re from. You know, I always felt sort of out of place and you know I guess it’s great that I was able to model and get out of there.”

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Name: Jessica Gomes
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