j morales
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Cerritos, CA   United States
I speak with an accent so people bully me!
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: 123hopes
1/09/13 4:10 PM
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I came to this country 8 years ago form El Salvador. I stay with mom dad and brother jose. I speak ok english and good spanish. Some people at my high school call me names and make fun because i don't speck correct english.

The other day I wanted to go to the beach and I guess I said Beesh and they made fun of me. I want to learn english better and I'm trying harder but they won't stop bulling me.

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Posted By: BonitaAna | 1/10/13 1:29 PM
Pretty soon you will be able to speak both English and Spanish and you will be very valuable for s big company where you will make lots of money and those bullies will be easy to forget.
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