Gail Haug
Bullying Survivor
Female | Plymouth, IN   United States
On the Wings of Angels
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: IndianasGypsy
1/09/13 3:59 PM
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To be honest I can't tell you where my story starts. All I have ever known is being bullied by kids at school, and that lived around where I did. I was bullied for what I dressed like, for not talking to people, and most of all for where I lived. I have lived in a trailer park all my life, so yes I am trailer trash. Everyday before going to school, I had to tell myself that I would make it through the day that nothing they said could hurt me, but it did. I remember the most when I first started high school it scared the ever living hell out of me, because I knew I would be walking back into what I went through in middle school. By my sophomore year in high school the bullying got to the point I wanted it all to end and my life with it, and I tried to many times between my sophomore and senior years. When I graduated high school in 2011 I hoped for thing to get better but they never did, I still struggle through the days with people bullying me even now in college, but now there is something different about me I have a new found voice that I never new I had. I am strong, I am smart, I am beautiful, and most of all I am me. I will never change for what these people want.

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Posted By: BonitaAna | 1/10/13 1:33 PM
Just because you live in a trailer park does not make you trash so dont talk like that about yourself. You have the right attitude to make it in life but you should never feel ashamed about where you come from just look ahead to where you want to go. btw I love your baby kitty!
Posted By: Egon3 | 1/15/13 2:54 PM
You are beautiful so be more positive about your life and be thankful for what you have. Happiness can be achieved in many ways.
Posted By: TheEqualizerUser Verified | 1/22/13 6:02 PM
Being new to the state, I have noticed epidemic proportions of ignorance and hillbilly type thinking. This state refuses in most of it's counties to follow the tide of becoming a shining beacon of educational freedom and the unabashed determination to cease giving negative people awards for their ignorance. Nepotism runs amuck as these towns are small and backward and the people who dwell within them are willfully ignorant and their fear causes them to embrace their idiocy even harder.

School seems like it lasts forever, but it doesn't. Knowing how to overcome the stigma that bullying imposes on you via your self esteem and perception of others is simple. Remember every word and deed you have experienced and them embrace being the antithesis of those things. Sure, its easy in these small towns to just capitulate so it stops, but guess what? It never does. These people who are bullying you will never leave their small towns. They will never know true happiness, peace and success. What they have produced is not a weakling, they have created a monster in you. You are now ready to hit college and the working world stronger than they ever will be. They will run home to Mommy every time a true challenge is presented to them. However, with you, you will overcome and excel and become their BOSS. Best of luck to you and never forget what has happened and then empower others to know that in reality, bullies are just ignorant, backward entities that no one even cares about. That's why they bully in the first place. They hurt so they shoot it outward in order not to feel inferior to the outside world. You and I know though that they are inferior and ALWAYS WILL BE.
Story Details

Name: Gail Haug
Age: 27
Country: United States
Location: Plymouth, IN
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Hospitality
Education level: Some college
University: Vincennes University
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: No

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