Mannny Fanny
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Nowata, OK   United States
My Boss is a Bully because???
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Employee213
1/09/13 2:35 PM
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My boss is real life bully!! I hope he comes across this message. I work somewhere in no-where town, USA.
I work as an outside salesmen. I sell industrial supplies to business customers, whats called B2B sales. Some months sales people can make up to 10K a month, but it depends allot on leads that come thru the office phone and thru our service department. Although hard work, cold calling and networking can result in the same commissions, this post is about the very lucrative leads that come thru the company, which are given out to those in our company who bow down to the boss and take the constant belittlement and harassment (you seem to have to muster) to get decent, fairly distributed leads.

Don't get me wrong, I like hard work, but those that serve the master - come in late, take 2 hour lunches and leave early.... and still excellent money. I will not be belittled in the work place (thus) I get no good leads.

This sort of management style is not fair and someone needs to be accountable for their actions and a change made!!!

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Posted By: BonitaAna | 1/10/13 1:38 PM
Are you worried he will terminate you if he comes across this message?
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