Tamicka Thoms
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Los Alamos, CA   United States
Gorilla Lips and Buffalo Butt
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: truckieriver
1/09/13 12:36 PM
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My name is Tamicka I'm in the 8th grade and I live in LA County. This one boy always picks on me and I don't know why? I' m always nice to him, he's never nice to me. When everybody is around he calls me "Gorilla lips" or "Buffalo Butt" and then some people laugh at me. He is really big and really cute and allot of people like him, allot of people don't like me because of him, I think. I put guerrilla picture on here but I don't look like that, i'm pretty. Not sure what I should do... does anyone have advice for me?

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Posted By: BonitaAna | 1/10/13 1:40 PM
Im sure he just has a crush on you but he is too embarrassed to tell you so he teases you just so he can get your attention. Boys are silly sometimes and you just need to ignore them and they go away
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Name: Tamicka Thoms
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Country: United States
Location: Los Alamos, CA
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