Loria Colwell
Bullying Survivor
Female | Rowdy, KY   United States
I'm a survivor and this is my story.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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1/08/13 7:27 PM
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Well, here it goes.

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to discuss my bullying experience when I was younger. I found this website while browsing an article about Becca Tobin, started reading the stories and now here I am. My bullying started in elementary school, I was a very small kid and I had/have a gap between my front teeth. The kids loved teasing me about being too skinny, having a gap and etc. Some days they would push, shove, and hit me just because they felt like it. For some reason I never let it really start bugging me until junior high. When all of this carried over, they added my nose to the list, so they could make fun of that body part as well. I had no friends, all of the kids were always whispering, leaving me out of activities, and writing notes about me that I would find. I had several boys who claimed to like me and wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone because they didn't want other kids at school to know they liked me in that way. I was very insecure and self conscious, my self esteem was completely gone. I remember going to school dances and crying in the bathroom because all of the other girls would have dates except me.

I begged my parents to let me home school or switch to another school for a fresh start but they wouldn't allow it. The sad part is that not only did I get bullied by other kids, but some teachers would join in on the fun too. I remember when the Titanic movie hit theaters and my big sister took me to see it, I think Leonardo DiCaprio was my first crush. I loved collecting everything about him and had a special folder full of Leonardo's pictures, magazine articles and books about him. We had free time at school and I was looking through it, reading some of the articles again (not bothering anyone) and my teacher walked over to see what I was looking at. She proceeded to take the folder and show it to the class where they made fun of me and then she threw it in the garbage. One day she even separated the boys and girls on opposite sides of her classroom, she put me with the boys and told me "It's because I wanted to be one so badly."

See, I was a tom boy because in all honesty, my dad was my best friend. We were always hunting, fishing, and doing outdoor activities together. I was in the 8th grade when I first tried to commit suicide by trying to poison myself and I've never told anyone about that until now. I've never seen a counselor or reached out to anyone for help, but when my suicide attempt did not work it opened my eyes. I pushed through the rest of my 8th grade year and I hit high school with a whole new attitude. My high school was very large and those I went to junior high with, I didn't even see them anymore unless it was passing them in the hallway.

After a few weeks I joined the Cross Country team and JROTC, we all had so much in common together and we were a family. My Cross Country coach was also my JROTC instructor and he became a second father to me, he's one of the most important people in my life today and I couldn't have made it without him. I still had to deal with some bullying since my friends and I were a minority but we tackled it together, as not only friends but a family and as long as we had each other, that's all we needed. High school changed my life, it's where I met my friends, and my husband. Yes! I married my high school sweet heart after 4 years of dating and he was far from being ashamed, he let everyone know that I was his and he was mine.

We've now been together for almost 9 years and we have a gorgeous daughter together. My life is wonderful now, I survived and I'm going to keep pushing forward. If things seem dark and hopeless, reach deep down and find yourself. I promise you can pull through it and I was lucky enough to get a second chance at life :)

PS: I still have a gap between my front teeth, and I'm perfectly okay with that =D

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Posted By: oOSmilesOo | 1/09/13 2:24 PM
Im so glad you found your fairy tale ending. Your little girl is so adorable! :-] I wish more woman like you would tell their stories so young girls feeling alone can have something to relate to. Have a wonderful happy life.
Posted By: mrswindwriterUser Verified | 1/09/13 3:15 PM
Thank you so much! It's hard to find confidence in yourself when you're going through a tough time at a young age. I hope by sharing my story it gives anyone who is being bullied reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Posted By: BINGO | 1/16/13 3:03 PM
You are a one tough cookie, lets hope that was passed on into your baby girl :)
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Name: Loria Colwell
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