sara baker
Bullying Survivor
Female | Victoria, BC   Canada
my story
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: sara123
1/08/13 6:37 PM
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i was bullied in grade 1 and these two girls use to kick me and pinch me just because i was shy and then i moved to a different school in grade 3 and everything was fine until grade 5, again these 3 or 4 girls bullied me cause i was shy and after that day when my mom picked me up i was in tears saying to my mom "i wanna switch schools" so then we talked to the principal and she talked to the girls but when the principal walked away they started teasing me again and then it ended like 2 or 3 months before grauating from elementry school and now im in high school and just 2 days ago this girl i was friends with started messageing me saying "you suck" or "sorry i dont respond to grinches or rats".....thats my story

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Posted By: oOSmilesOo | 1/09/13 2:27 PM
You dont need friends like her Sara.People that turn on you and say mean things like that dont deserve you as a friend.I can see that you like the show Glee which I am also a big fan of.You can learn a lot from that show about how you should treat people and what the definition of a good friend is. Stay positive and dont forget to smile!
Posted By: sara123 | 1/10/13 2:52 PM
Thanks :)
Posted By: Mikie | 1/24/13 5:06 PM
Stay strong!
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