Phil Spine
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Icing on the cake...
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: Philly201
1/08/13 5:03 PM
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I used to live in a really bad gang infested neighborhood and getting to and from school (safe) with no major incidents was a real hard thing to accomplish. I didn't want to be a cripp, blood, white-fence or any gang! But my house - to school - ran thru all three gang territories. although, I could only cross one! but I would have to take an extra 10 minutes to school and an extra 10 mins from school each day to get home. So guess which way I took .. yep... the long way! Going the safest root took me thru about 10 blocks of Blood territory and I have many stories but one of them I will write about today. One day I was going to school like normal and I had on my brand new Bronco's starter jacket and new Jordan's. I worked at Fat Burger PT and it took me months to have enough money to afford the gear. Anyways, that day I made it half way thru the danger zone and the smallest kid (must have been like 10) came up to me and said " Yo Blood, Give me that Jacket Foo!" and I was like na.. man I just bought it. He said "you dissing me fool!" and I just started to run because I knew where theres one, theres more. Sure enough, the little kid followed and a kid my age and bigger popped out of nowhere and started to run after me too. We'll I didn't make it... Before I knew it there were like 10 kids surrounding me and the little kid punched me in the head and said "I told you! give up the jacket and since you tried to run... i'll take those Jordan's too" after what seemed like a long time trying to get out if it, an adult gang member came out and said "Give up the jacket or your gonna take a beating, you decide!" At that point I was like man
I worked to hard for this stuff and without thinking I said "i'll take the beating" quick as i could imagine - it seemed like 50 fists and 100 feet were kicking and punching me, after several minutes they just left, but they didn't take my shoes or jacket! although both were mangled to death. What I remember almost as good as the beating is: when I made it to school my friend let me barrow his dark sun glasses because my eye was puffy and blackening. When I finally sat down in algebra class my teacher (after great debate) made me take off my glasses and everyone laughed after they saw my black eye. Talk about icing on the cake...

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Posted By: oOSmilesOo | 1/09/13 2:31 PM
Oh son im so sorry.Dont ever be ashamed of calling the police.You dont have to live in fear if you just contacted the Los Angeles gang unit you can give them your story and they will send units to your neighborhood so each gang member is documented and any of them breaking the law will be arrested and it cannot be proven you were the one who called the police so you stay safe
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