Wesley H
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Brownsboro, AL   United States
I have a bully
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: bullied999
1/07/13 11:43 AM
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My bully waits for me on the street that I walk to school so he can chase me and make me scared.He will catch me sometime and he will try to make me fight him.I said to him I dont like fights and just to leave me alone.He called me a girl and to fight or else.I didnt go to school for a few days becuase of him bullying me.Telling my teachers just makes me feel dumb and scared.I dont like him to chase me but I dont want people to know I am scare of him.I think I would get bullied more if I did tell my teachers.I dont tell my mom so she wont cry.I love my mom and she works hard so I dont bother her because she is tired after work.I wish I was bigger so he would leave me alone but I am only a short and not big muscles so he wants to hurt me.I ran into the street last time and almost died from a car that would of ran me over and he chased me until I got to school.

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Posted By: Islander | 1/08/13 10:52 AM
You school is responsible for providing you with a safe route to school so if you have your parents contact the school about your problem they will send a teacher or campus monitor on that street to make sure this does not continue! Good Luck!
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