Mikie Garcia
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Las Vegas, NV   United States
Story of 3rd grade bullied kid... had to swim across lake to not get beat up!
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: Mikie
1/07/13 9:27 AM
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This is a 3rd party story, because - I never really got physically bullied, well... one a kid beat me up and my older friend beat him up, Thats it. but, this story is a little better. When i was in the 3rd grade there was a kid name Joe M****** he was real poor and the other neighborhood kids would always make fun of him - I alway felt bad but the rest of the kids were all against him. One day after school one kid named Leonard decided he was going to beat Joe up for no good reason. Leonard was the leader so when he started chasing him we all followed and before you knew it half the kids getting out of school were chasing Joe. Joe was running as fast as he could and we all followed close behind and you could tell he was scared basically running for his life. After chasing him for a few minutes, Joe was cornered in a cove where the only way out was to jump 20 or so feet down a cliff where you would land into a shallow lake or creek of maybe 5 or 10 feet deep. Well he decided he did not want to get beat up, so he jumped, landed in the water and climbed up the other side of the hill and got away.

I'll never forget that day! He was way braver than all the kids who chased him - no buddy dared jump...we were all way to scared. Goes to show you who the brave guys are in life - the ones who no one would suspect!

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Posted By: WillPower | 1/07/13 11:00 AM
did you ever bully him after that?
Posted By: Mikie | 1/07/13 11:32 AM
That was so long ago... I remember seeing him after that in school and didn't talk to him. He must of moved to another town. The funny thing were friends for a summer and then the supposed cool kids turned me against him. The sad thing is I followed their lead. Now a days I try to lead not follow...
Posted By: Islander | 1/08/13 10:54 AM
I would move to if I had to jump off a cliff to escape bullies! If you could go back to that day again what would you do differently?
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