Jonas Altberg
Bullying Survivor
Male | Sweden   Sweden
Bullied for Tourettes
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: cheesed
1/02/13 9:55 AM
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JONAS ALTBERG has spilled the beans on how he beat the bullies who picked on him because of his Tourette's.

The mouthy Eurotrasher, known as Basshunter, has finally controlled his illness and gets to have the last laugh by bedding beautiful women.

His rising success will have the school teasers squirming in their seats, especially as he looks set to knock COLDPLAY off the top spot this week.

He told Radio 1: "I did have a really rough time at school. There was a lot of bullying. I didn't have many friends and spent a lot of time alone.

"I've learned how to take control over it. You could spend a week with me, 24/7 and not know I have it.

"I've learned how to feel when it's coming and push it back... and that took years of training."

Jonas added: "Don't see it as a problem, see it as a challenge."

Research doctors from around the world have even been in touch with the Swede to find out how he overcame his disability, with the hope of using Jonas' methods to help their patients.

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Posted By: BeYourself | 1/02/13 11:47 AM
Leave Sweden and come to America!!
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