Agustina Cortes
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Brooklyn, NY   United States
Just getting it off my chest.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Agustina
1/01/13 12:33 PM
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I've been going to the same school for ten years. I was bullied for the first time my first year at that school when I was five. They made me sit alone in front of a table and they all started shouting at me "Boy, boy, boy, boy" over and over again just because I rather play with blocks than the dolls or the girls in my class. This happened the first week of classes. After that the bullying sort of stopped through out middle school until high school. In high school, I started getting insults about my weight, I started getting hit too. All from the male classmates. One even left a permanent scar on my back from throwing me a chair. I get punched, pushed, kicked and insulted. It has yet to get better but I know it will. I'm writing this to get it off my chest because I really couldn't hold it in anymore. I can't talk to anybody about because I break down and stop going to school. I'm about to have to re do my third year because of this.

I want to add a story from middle school that will forever be burned in my memory: I was in fourth, third grade and I had a crush on my best friend. I was playing a game with my best guy friend and talking I confessed my crush. Before that chat, I had left a note in her pencil case asking her to be my girlfriend with a drawing of us holding hands underneath the question. Anyway, he completely ignored the fact I asked him to keep it a secret and during English she found out. I was crying my little naive heart out when she walked up to where I was sitting, face flat against a desk and she told me. “I don’t like you back, so it does not make you gay” My heart never felt so bad. Then one girl asked me “You like her…as a friend, right?” I said yes and they all let out a sigh of relief. That day, was the day I went as far as I could into the closet without a glance back.

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Posted By: BeYourself | 1/02/13 11:33 AM
Sweetie just because she didn't have the same feelings for you does not mean you should hide who you are inside.Continue to be her friend because you get along and that is all that matters. Be careful who you confide in school because some kids will do anything to get a little attention including hurting others. I wish I could give you a big hug because it sounds like you really need one right now :-)
Posted By: Agustina | 1/03/13 8:38 AM
She left the school in sixth grade and we never talked again after she left. Though we continued to be friends after that incident :). I trusted him because he was my best friend since I was five. I thought, "why not trust him with this too". I know how some kids would do anything to prove they're someone in school.

Also: *hugs you* :') That last sentence made me cry :D. Thank you for your kind words, they are truly aprecciated.
Posted By: Marion | 1/03/13 12:08 PM
Do you have any friends that are gay that you can go to for advice?
Posted By: Agustina | 1/04/13 4:35 AM
Nope. I live in a very homophobic place. Only one of my brothers is gay and even my brother doesn't get that I'm not "out and proud" like him. He doesn't understand the situation.
Posted By: GoMamma | 1/04/13 1:30 PM
At one point your brother was not out and proud so that is the advice you need from him. Ask him what it was like to have people redicule him before everyone knew the real him.Ask him for help coming from little sis to big bro.
Posted By: Agustina | 1/04/13 4:07 PM
The thing is, he always told me to ignore the comments, like he does. But I tried and I can't. I'm not brave like him, I can't go on with my life when someone throws a chair or a desk at me, or at that time when my classmates made fun of me for being gay. When people in the internet make fun of me for being gay. When my father says obscenities about gay people. Our father doesn't know he is gay, even my brother is scared of him. So he isn't fully out of that situation.

In short: My brother is almost in the same situation as me and his advice hasn't really worked for me. (Sorry I ramble :] )
Posted By: Islander | 1/08/13 10:56 AM
No matter who accepts you or denies you in your life you must always remember that you are very special and deserve to be happy so dont accept anything less young lady.
Posted By: WillPower | 1/07/13 11:05 AM
Is your mother still around to help you and your brother talk to your father?
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