Valerie "Lights" Poxleitner
Bullying Survivor
Female | Timmins, ON   Canada
Pushed into lockers
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: peanuts
12/18/12 9:56 AM
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Lights is a pretty and successful pop star. But that's now. Back when she was known as Valerie Poxleitner, she was just another teenage girl whose own light was dimmed by bullies for the crime of being different.

"In high school I not only didn't have a whole lot of friends, I went to a lot of different schools because we moved a lot. I ended up just keeping to myself and trying to get my work done and do my thing. I wasn't particularly stylish. I was kind of lanky. I didn't grow into my body yet," Lights tells Huffington Post backstage at Free the Children's We Day youth rally in Calgary, where bullying has become a topic in the wake of Amanda Todd's suicide.

"There'd be groups of girls that didn't like me, they didn't like that I smiled, that I was happy, that I worked hard and tried to get out of high school with good marks. I would get pushed into lockers and called names and teased and people would try and start fights with me. Someone keyed my car. And it's not that I had a lot of enemies, it happens to everyone -- even the most popular people in school have problems."

It's important for young people currently being bullied to know that, and that people they look up to now may have also been bullied back then. That being bullied is a temporary state and that, to paraphrase the anti-homophobia campaign, it does get better.

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Posted By: NoAgain | 12/18/12 1:23 PM
Wonderful talent, sweet girl and great message.
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