Mark Freehily
Bullying Survivor
Male | Ireland   Ireland
Being quiet attracted bullies
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Seeko
12/14/12 9:48 AM
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Mark Freehily is one of the lead singers of the former Irish boyband Westlife and he talks about his personal bullying story in school:

"I was very quiet in school and that attracted the bullies.

"They tend to pick on people who are different in any way but it is much more interesting than being the same as anyone else.

"I used to feel too embarrassed to tell anyone about what was being done.

"I feel now that I shouldn't have been afraid to speak up because there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are being bullied.

"I know a lot of kids look at teachers as if they are aliens but they will listen and understand. Often they can do something about it.

"Nine in 10 people at school are very nice and genuine. Just that one in 10 is a bad apple or a bully. Don't let them ruin your school years."

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Posted By: tweetie | 12/17/12 9:59 AM
Dont be afraid of admitting you have a bully. They will continue to step on you if you dont take a stand
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