Jessica Alaney
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
R.I.P. Jessica Laney
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LaffyTaffy
12/11/12 6:59 AM
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Not even a day ago, a girl Jessica Laney, who previously went to my high school, committed suicide after being constantly bullied off of She hung herself not even a day ago. Yesterday she was living, being a regular sixteen year old with some issues and the next thing everyone else knew, word had gotten out that she had hung herself. Although it seems like a fun website that has harmless intentions, it can be used to cause the worst of bullying and it lets issues arise.

If you look up on Wikipedia, the website has already been responsible for two girls in another country for killing themselves because they were being harassed. I wasn't that close to her, in fact I had only heard of her several times when we went to the same school for a semester, but please, sign the petition to get the website closed down. We have many supporters already but we still need more.

Sign to have the website shut down.
Save someone's life before it's too late.
Teen suicide and depression is already too common.
Giving your name is enough to try and stop it.

Sign here:


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Posted By: askem | 12/11/12 8:22 AM
So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
Posted By: irishjenny | 12/11/12 10:46 AM
It's sad that another teenager took her life because of being bullied. I will sign the petition in hope that will prevent other teenager to end their lives being bullied. R.I.P. Jessica Laney
Posted By: DemiAntoineUser Verified | 12/11/12 11:04 AM
As much as I agree with you, we could shut down all the sites in the world and someone would make more and this would still happen. I want to see legislation and real changes in the severity of legal consequences for cyber bullying, make a site be responsible for what people are saying on it yes but make the bullies responsible too. If the outcome for this is this harsh, someone killing themselves, then there is no excuse to still be taking bullying so lightly. What's the magic number of dead kids and teens before more sites like bullyville and more people stand up and demand a change? Because if you ask me it was already far too late after the first death of a bullied child. I've been this close to that. This could have been a story about me if I'd made a different decision. These children, they are the kid I once was and nowadays they don't even have safety at home or on the go because cyber bullying is so mobile. There should be a way for legal consequences of bullying to be as free moving and fluid. What a tragedy, my thoughts are with you sweet girl, the other young victims and the grieving families left behind. I don't know what's waiting for me when my time truly comes but I will be unafraid of answering for myself because I can live with what I've done. The question is, bullies, can you?
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