Sean Quinn
Someone Being Bullied
Male | New York, NY   United States
just stop and think
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: SeanXXXUser Verified
12/09/12 3:44 AM
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i am a trying to survive in a world of hateful bullies. I am on my swim team and love to run but cuz I have a soft voice and I am not a big muscular kid I'm pick on and bullied. I have a few friends who defend me but most just standby and watch me get hurt. Just looking for people who will support me when I am feeling lonely.

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Posted By: Cubano | 12/10/12 3:37 PM
I was 5'3" 130 lbs in high school and I was picked on too.They bully you because they are cowards and are threatened that you will be better at anything that are doing so they put you down in front of others.Dont back down when they bully you just look them in the eye and stand your ground.If they get physical shout leave me alone I dont care if you dont like me but leave me alone. Use your voice and dont let them take your spirit Sean
Posted By: Cali4niaDreamsUser Verified | 12/10/12 5:12 PM
It gets better sweetie. Do what you love and don't let haters get you down. Suicide isn't a viable option I promise <3
Posted By: GrumblesUser Verified | 12/11/12 6:36 PM
If I may ask, what kinds of things exactly do they do? Dealing with it can depend on what is going on, what they're trying to get, etc. There are different angles one can take. Also, what kinds of kids do the bullying?

For example, sometimes they do it because they want to get a reaction out of you--they want to make you mad and whine and shout. Sometimes nullifying the situation is good. Just matter of factly be like whatever, I have better things to do than waste my time with you--shutting them down and not letting them get you "sucked into it." I remember once a kid making stupid comments about me being short over and over, and each time I was like "yeah....what's your point?" and stuff, finally he yells "YOU'RE SHORT!", and I just looked and said "Well duh, you think I don't know that? You just wasted all that time trying to tell me something I clearly have always known." That was the end of that. Sometimes they might try to yell out something to reel you back in as a last attempt--don't fall for it. Have someone to talk to tho,cuz even if you brush things off, they can still hurt, but at least you wont be giving them what they're trying to get from you. Sometimes a stern shout or "putting them in their place" so to speak can be help too, to let them know you're not a punching bag. It can depend on specifics and the situation. Often a combination of both tactics, or others that I don't have room to talk about here haha. If things get physical, remember the difference between "defending yourself" and "fighting". I can't tell you how many times a kid says "I got in trouble for just defending myself....he pushed me, so I knocked his ass down and beat the **** outta him!" That's not defending yourself. Defending yourself is doing only what has to be done to get yourself out of the situation, nothing more.
Posted By: GrumblesUser Verified | 12/11/12 6:36 PM
(continuing because I ran out of space).

It's good to hear you have some friends who defend you. It only takes one person to step in and get others to help too. Maybe you could talk to some of your friends who don't get involved; they might just not know how to, in a sense. And like everyone says, it does get better, it really does. You don't have to change one bit. Part of what I'm studying in college (in NYC too actually, so the city can feel overwhelming sometimes haha) is about bullying and different ways to combat different types. I'd be happy to talk more.
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