Jasmine Guy
Bullying Survivor
Female | Atlanta, GA   United States
Bullied for her skin color
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: UMC45
12/06/12 9:30 AM
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Jasmine Guy has made a name for herself playing snobby Whitley Gilbert on the highly rated television show A Different World. The part has made Guy a star, but it demonstrates only a small facet of her talent--she can dance, sing, and pull off a tense dramatic role with equal finesse. As Whitley, Guy fairly seethes with prissiness and propriety. As a would-be pop singer, however, the former Alvin Ailey dancer radiates erotic heat and moves flawlessly from jazz to hip hop to new jack-swing. The actress told Essence magazine that her success has not come on easy terms. "I've been so driven that whole chunks of my life are blurs," she said. "I'm trying to live in the present, trying to enjoy reaping the benefits of eight years of perseverance.... I've worked hard and, having achieved a little, I find it hard not to want to work harder to achieve even more."

The gifts of beauty and talent, however, were not enough to assure Guy a happy childhood. She was born in Boston but raised in Atlanta. Her father, a minister and college professor, is black. Her mother, a high school English teacher, is white. Guy told People that she was often the target of criticism from darker-skinned classmates in the Atlanta public schools. "I remember getting into several fights in grade school because black kids would think I thought I was pretty because I had light skin and long hair," she recalled. "They said I always tried to talk properly. But I wasn't trying to seem better. I just wanted to be me."
Even now Guy often finds herself addressing the issue of her skin color. "I'm tired of hearing about the plight of the mulatto," she told Essence. "It's old news. Sure, it's caused me pain. Just the other day, a dark-skinned friend was saying how she'd always envied me. Well, I told her I'd always been envious of the shade of her skin. It's important that chocolate women of the world know they're beautiful." She added: "I spent years worrying about these things, crying in my diary. But I finally stopped myself, stopped finding fault with my big eyes or my blemishes. Like so many other people, I had to fight feeling ugly. We're all different, yet we're all the same. Why as women are we always feeling bad about ourselves?"


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Posted By: Sunflowers | 12/06/12 3:46 PM
We are all beautiful and all wish we could have something we do not have but that is in our nature.Lashing out at someone because they have features that you do not like is so tired and old already. We have proven over and over that we all are equal yet we still live in the past with who is better than who because of how light or dark we look. We need to accept that variety is a wonder of the world that should be embraced.
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Name: Jasmine Guy
Age: 60
Country: United States
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Gender: Female
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