Charlotte Church
Bullying Survivor
Female | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Bullied by wealthy classmates
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: covering
12/05/12 8:52 AM
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Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH was bullied when she was a schoolgirl, because wealthy classmates mocked her working-class roots.

The CRAZY CHICK star suffered at the hands of other pupils before she found fame as a child singing sensation, but now takes pride in supporting an anti-bullying campaign.

Church, 26, says, "Before I became famous, my mother and father, who weren't well off, worked their fingers to the bone to send me to a good school. Most of my classmates were from wealthier backgrounds and the more obnoxious of them were constantly reminding me of it.

"Bullying is serious and can get out of hand."

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Posted By: Sunflowers | 12/06/12 3:50 PM
I have always found it interesting that children feel like the are the ones with the big bank account and not their parents.Are we failing at getting the message to the youth of today that work is something to be respected? We have a duty to correct our old mistakes or we are doomed to repeat the past. Does anyone think our children's futures are worth it?
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