Cody Simpson
Bullying Survivor
Male | Australia   Australia
Cody Simpson Talks About Being Bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SilverB52
11/20/12 6:35 AM
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Cody Simpson may be a pop superstar today, but he had to fight through a lot of negativity to get to where he is.

In a recent interview, Cody admits to have been bulled when he was in school. He says it started when he made the life altering decision to quit sports and pursue music. This was seen as a sign of weakness and as a result, Cody was bullied.

However, Cody persevered and found comfort in his passion for music. Considering his current success, Cody definitely made the right decision to follow his dreams. Kudos to Cody for not letting those bullies keep him down!

Bullying is a serious problem and doesn't happen just in schools. If you or someone you know is being bullied, do the right thing and tell someone — you could be saving a life! Besides, no one deserves to be put down and made to feel unworthy, ever!


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Posted By: PawPrint | 11/20/12 11:34 AM
Ill bet money that none of the kids that bullied them for quitting sports ever got paid as an athlete so he made the right choice!
Posted By: BestChance | 11/21/12 11:34 AM
Good career move buddy!
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