Chloe McCarty
Bullying Survivor
Female | Minneapolis, MN   United States
Skin by Sixx:A.M.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: ChloeMcCarty
11/18/12 9:50 AM
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When I was 10 I developed a condition called Trichotillomania. It is the severe compulsion to pull out one's hair. It started with my eyelashes, then eyebrows and by the 1st week of my 1st year of middle school, sixth grade, I was pretty much bald. I had always been a popular pretty girl in elementary school. However, when I started middle school people began to whisper. After the 1st week, my mom decided we couldn't cover the bald spots any more and we had to shave my head and I got a wig. More whispers. After 2 days of wearing the hot, itchy wig I got home from school, ripped of my wig and went to my facebook where I was friends with 500 people. I told them I about my condition and that I was now bald and if they wanted to say something, say it to my face. I said if they didn't like me for who I am, they can f#$k off. People were very supportive at first. But within a month I had become the social pariah of school.Being ostracized is a form of bullying. My once friends spread rumors like wildfire. It was hell. I thought if I could get a boy to like me again, they all used to, I would be accepted. This back fired by me falling for 2 different people who had been dared to pretend to like me and make my life miserable. Being ostracized is a form of bullying. My girlfriends formed cliques without me. For the most part my only friends were in special ed. And I was being bullied via facebook and text messages.

LIfe continued like this for a year. I was pretty much suicidal. However, then I picked up a book by Nikki Sixx called the Heroin Diaries and found the music of Sixx:A.M. with Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael. My view of life completely changed. In October of 7th grade Sixx:A.M. was having a contest to be in the new video for their song Skin. I wanted this more than life itself and sent in a letter. I was not picked. However, in December I was on facebook with some friends discussing the viral Jonah Mowery video. They thought it was fake. I thought these people must know how things really are for people like Jonah and I. So I made a video with notes and to the song Skin and posted it in the conversation and on the bands facebook pages. The first person who saw it said it is going to go viral. Well, they were right. By the next morning James had seen it and sent it to Nikki and DJ saying I think we found our skin video. Who then all posted and tweeted it. I was known around the world within a day thank to these guys. Their music literally saved my life and many thousands of others.

Life got weird then. I was on tv and in papers around the world because the band from 3 different parts of the world they were in had a conference call with me at home to thank me. I thought it was my 5 minutes of fame. Oddly, I still not sure that 5 minutes is over after a year now. My old friends of course wanted me back then and I said screw you and still fight with them on behalf of the freeks and geeks who are my friends that stuck by me.

I found out then that my vidoe was being shown in school and universities around the world to prevent bullying. I had to set up a facebook page so people could contact me there instead of my own personal page. I made great new friends around the world. At the same time I found a page dedicated to trying to get a Bald Barbie doll made. I became passionate about this. If people could see a bald Barbie on a shelf in the store and people would think they were beautiful, then I and so many others could quite trying to hide under hats and wigs. Not that I did that much cause I really didn't care what people thought any more. I joined the effort promoting and making videos. The page had about 200 people. Thanks to the contacts I had made all over the world, the cause itself, and the excellent outreach the other ladies who started the page did the page spread like wildfire. to 150,000 people. Mattel took notice. They are still bullies apparently and don't see the use for such a doll, but MGA Entertainment did. They made a line of bald True Hope Bratz and Moxie dolls with a $1 being donated to cancer charity for each doll sold. Oddly one of them is named Cloe. To thank me for my efforts they made me a one of a kind look alike doll that has a shirt that says Chloe rocks. It even has a wig.
I was asked to do many kinds of news stories, etc. I was supposed to be live on MSNBC but got bumped by President Obama announcing the end of the Iraq war. Who can say they were bumped by the president at 12?! I chose to do an interview with Fox Houston 26 because their camera man had joined my facebook page and befriended me. It was a good choice. The did an hour long special about me, trichotillomania and bullying and I found out this week that it won and Emmy Award!! I will try to put links to this, my video etc at the end of this story. I will put the link to my fb page, but sadly some jealous women reported me 2 different times for being under 13 and I lost my cool page with over a thousand people on it when the deleted my accounts. I have a new one that is still pretty cool.
Other cool things have happened. People have written stories and gotten awards, I get letters, people have drawn pictures of me. Too many others to list here. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I wish everyone could have my experience, minus the bullying part. I still am not accepted that well at school and my school refuses to acknowledge any of my accomplishments because that would mean they had a student who was bullied and that would look bad. I do not like my school. But regardless, I am a very happy girl now. Yet, still bald.
A couple of my other favorite moments of the past year include meeting Nikki Sixx at the Minnesota State fair. I got a call from thee Kerri Kasem saying he wanted to meet me there and where to go. It was the best moment of my lfie thus far. Also Tommy Lee came out of his trailer and saw me. He walked straight over and said you must be Chloe, Nikki has told me all about you and I had to meet you. Wow.After I left Nikki tweeted a pic of him and I together saying with the beautiful Chloe McCarty @rockerchicchloe. I still have no idea how he knew my twitter name. They also talked about me on Sixx Sense.

James Michael has sent me a few private messages that are very special to me. He has also been interviewed about me several times and is so sweet.

The other really cool thing is a became a "spokeshero" for a hard rock band of 12/13 year old boys from California called Haunted by Heroes. They have a group about bullying called Dreamcatchers. It hasn't really taken off yet, cause they are on the verge of making it big. But they were a special guest on America's Got Talent. They are very cool and you should check them out. They invited me to come to California and meet them. While I was there I got to sing with them at the famous Whisky A GoGo where anyone who is anyone got their start. It was amazing. Also, thanks to a friend I made on my page I got to spend the day at the set of NCIS. I hung out with Pauly Perrette all day making her miss her queues 5 times! She is awesome and very anti bullying. She also tweeted my picture!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. But it doesn't matter because I have learned a valuable lesson in life. Looks are only skin deep.Like a person for who they are.

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Posted By: PawPrint | 11/20/12 11:27 AM
You are a tough little rockstar! SO many accomplishments already and you are so young!
Posted By: MissChloeMcCartyUser Verified | 11/23/12 9:51 PM
Thanks :)
Posted By: BestChance | 11/21/12 11:28 AM
You rule Chloe!!!
Posted By: Starbright | 11/23/12 10:54 AM
Hi Chloe! You have such a wonderful life story and I hope you know how special you are! Is Trichotillomania a condition that you will have your entire life?
Posted By: AllSmiles | 11/26/12 12:42 PM
I hope you realize how many little girls look up to you for all the bravery you show
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