Alan Carr
Bullying Survivor
Male | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Bullied in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Chippy
11/12/12 8:13 AM
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Growing up a plump, bespectacled, gay teen (‘with braces’ he points out, helpfully), in a town like Northampton would not have been easy. For years, he says, he never wanted to go back - not even to stick two fingers up at the boys who bullied him. That attitude has mellowed, however. ‘I was a bit stupid really. When I started out it was “Huh, Northampton, I’m not going back there.” When I finally did a book signing they were so lovely. Everyone was saying “Welcome home” and I was touched by it. I came to realise that, looking and sounding the way I do, I would have been bullied anywhere. It wasn’t Northampton’s fault. If I’d been born in inner London I probably wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.’

Family matters: It was only recently that Alan talked to his mother about his sexuality

He never actually came out to his parents. ‘I feel a bit cheated I never had that, “Sit down, I’ve got something to tell you” moment where your mother screams and your dad drops his drink.’ It was only recently that he talked to his mother about his sexuality. ‘I asked her when she knew and she said, “Always, Alan. Always.” I was gutted. I was the last one to be let in on the joke. It was as if I’d been walking around my whole life with a sign saying “kick me” taped to my back, and only realised when I was 15. I remember thinking, “Oh my God. They all KNEW.” How? I didn’t even know.’**/Look-Despite-let-macho-father-Alan-Carr-continues-turn-toothy-campness-TV-gold-.html

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Posted By: Union355 | 11/12/12 10:38 AM
I would think it would make him feel better when he found out everyone knew he was gay and loved him so much they never brought it up because it wasnt a big deal. To his family and friends he was just Alan
Posted By: Rejected | 11/13/12 10:30 AM
So wonderful to hear a parent not turning their back on their son because of his sexual preference. His mother should speak to all those parents out there who shun their own blood because they come out of the closet. Life is too short to shut someone out of your life especially your child who is only being true to who they really are. Alan is very blessed to be surrounded by so many people in his family that love him and accept him for who he really is.
Posted By: Chariot | 11/15/12 2:30 PM
You have a wonderful mother!
Posted By: Public | 11/16/12 12:13 PM
You said it Chariot!
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