Martine McCutcheon
Bullying Survivor
Female | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Girls made her life hell
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: more4it
11/07/12 8:02 AM
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Curvy actress Martine McCutcheon reckons she is happier than ever after piling on two stones.

The former EastEnder has ballooned four dress sizes to a 16.

But Martine, 36, told The People: “I like the fact that I have boobs and a bum.”

The star, who is set to marry singer-songwriter Jack McManus, 27, next year, added: “Jack makes me feel really sexy.”

Martine showed off her fuller figure at an awards bash in London recently – prompting speculation she was being lined up to sign a fitness DVD deal.

She insisted bigger ­women, like superstar ­singer Adele, are good role models for image-conscious girls. Martine said: “Adele is great because she ­promotes the idea of being happy as you are.”

The star also revealed she was bullied at school for ­being fatter than other girls.

She said: “I don’t know whether it was my weight or because I was quite ambitious but a couple of girls made my life hell. It was a horrible time.”**/

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Posted By: BeenThere2 | 11/07/12 10:59 AM
You have a wonderful husband if he makes you feel sexy no matter what
Posted By: FeltPain | 11/07/12 1:52 PM
She has nothing to be worried about her husband is very attractive and I love his hair, great couple
Posted By: NEwhere | 11/07/12 3:31 PM
You are beautiful just the way you are and your hubby knows it
Posted By: erupt | 11/08/12 1:40 PM
I love it when british people say bum
Posted By: Union355 | 11/12/12 10:42 AM
A total beauty!
Posted By: andrinaluvsmartUser Verified | 12/29/12 10:09 PM
She has tattoos! She has a left wrist tattoo that says "Magical", "Angel" on her right ankle, and a right foot tattoo including a cluster of stars. Hair & Eye color Black/Brown. Zodiac sign: Taurus.
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