Jade Ewen
Bullying Survivor
Female | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Taunted for being too thin
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Whitetails
11/06/12 8:08 AM
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SUGABABE Jade Ewen has revealed how she was taunted for being too thin.

The stunning singer said she felt unattractive because of the ridicule heaped upon her "skinny" physique.

The 22-year-old hid her slender figure beneath baggy clothes while blaming a highenergy lifestyle for her trouble putting on the pounds.

Jade, who is half Scottish on her father's side, joined the trio in 2009, replacing founder member Keisha Buchanan.

The Sugababes are the most successful female act of the decade with six UK number ones and 18 top ten hits.

Jade said: "I used to be really conscious about my weight.

"I've always been really thin and when I was younger people used to say I looked ill because I was very long and bony.

"I did a lot of dancing so even though I ate loads I seemed to always be losing weight as opposed to putting it on."


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Posted By: HarvestMoon | 11/06/12 11:03 AM
You have filled out quite nicely now
Posted By: nancyK | 11/07/12 11:41 AM
Such a magical smile
Posted By: radioflyer | 11/07/12 2:58 PM
We bully women for their weight far too much. There is no point in telling someone they look to skinny or fat other then just being rude and impolite.
Posted By: Union355 | 11/12/12 10:44 AM
I agree just zip it about a females weight its such a low bl*w
Posted By: CHARMED | 11/08/12 1:00 PM
The article says it honey you are stunning dont worry about those naysayers
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