Brenden Cole
Bullying Survivor
Male | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Bullied for dancing
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Whitetails
11/06/12 8:02 AM
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Strictly star Brendan Cole has revealed he was a victim of cruel classroom bullies when he grew up in his native New Zealand.

Brendan, 36, described as a "*****cat" by dance partner Victoria Pendleton, 32, said: "People gave me stick for being a dancer - not the way forward in a rugby playing nation.

"But if they said, 'You're a big cissy Nancy boy' I'd go to extremes to prove them wrong."

Brendan, who emigrated to Britain when he was 18, said: "It was a bloody awful time. I hated school but it made me strong.

"In my twenties there was a big question mark over who I was. I wondered, 'Were those kids right?' Even ten years ago I was sick if being that guy at the party feeling intimidated and shy. I felt I didn't belong, a little tadpole in the world of dancing. Then I changed overnight. I thought, I don't have to be shy, I'm very much part of this world."

He added: "Victoria is right - I am a *****cat. It is hard for her, though.

"As an athlete she is not used to being on the stage performing so openly but she will get much better."**

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Posted By: HarvestMoon | 11/06/12 11:06 AM
Every woman loves a man that can dance because it translates to other things :P
Posted By: BeenThere2 | 11/07/12 11:02 AM
Yup :)
Posted By: biscuit | 11/07/12 2:15 PM
If I could go back in time I would take some dance lessons growing up so I could be this close to beautiful women. I envy you!!
Posted By: Lefty | 11/08/12 12:29 PM
We are very glad you are part of the world :-)
Posted By: Union355 | 11/12/12 10:45 AM
Who wouldnt want to dance with him :)
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