George Shelley
Bullying Survivor
Male | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Bullies broke his wrist
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Walter
11/05/12 8:50 AM
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X Factor star George Shelley has revealed that he was bullied at school for being overweight.

The Union J singer, 19, recalled how he broke his wrist following an incident while playing football in a PE class.

"I was 12 stone and really short. All the other boys loved football and I just wanted to play my guitar. I was always the last one picked because no one wanted the fatty who couldn't run," Shelley told the Daily Star.

"The worst thing that happened was we were playing football and one of the kids purposefully kicked the ball as hard as they could right at me. I put my hands up to protect my face and ended up breaking my wrist.

"I went to a lot of schools because we moved house quite a lot. I never had the chance to make any solid friends but I always had my guitar so I was okay.

"I was a bit of a loner at school but now I'm in Union J I have the best mates I could want."

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Posted By: HarvestMoon | 11/06/12 11:07 AM
You just had some baby fat on you that you hadnt grown into yet
Posted By: BeenThere2 | 11/07/12 11:03 AM
Cute kid has a really bright future now good for him
Posted By: nancyK | 11/07/12 11:42 AM
Any kid out there that feels their guitar is their only friend well you need to practice until its an extension of your body and one say you might get lucky and have an opportunity like George is finally getting.
Posted By: erupt | 11/08/12 1:41 PM
Whats the ratio of lbs./stone?
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