Marianne Archer
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Las Vegas, NV   United States
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: windwolf
4/02/13 6:30 PM
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Please forgive me but I kinda need to rant a bit.

Everyone by now knows about the movie shooting on July 20 2012. Now, at least where I am almost everyone seems to think any costumer is planning a massacre.
Guys, costuming, other group activities and movie theaters went together since the mid 70s with Rocky Horror Picture Show and Star Wars. this practice made going to the showings more than just sitting and watching a screen, (which you can do at home) they became a form of expression, find new friends, created appreciation for arts. I will grant you the RHPS guys did tend to make a mess but they still generated a lot of money for the film and brought quite a few people together that wouldn't have gotten to know each other otherwise. More reasently the tradition continued with the Star wars prequels and re-releases along with the Potter Movies.

As far as im aware no one had a problem with it even enjoyed it until that one night. The paranoia that has come as a result is like letting a crook win. I don't wanna be looked at as selfish but costumers were hurt that night just like regulars and military. Forcing them to stop what them and their friends love is a disrespect.

Before that night, my costuming group could do movies, hit the mall, or libary and get food no problem. Sure security talked but once we explained they had no problems. Now we cant even be in a public park anymore. we get kicked out of there we get kicked out of fast food joints. Costuming has become a FAMILY thing with some I know a mother and son that costume together as well as a family of four. But latly they cant really do it anymore due either having to pay to enter the park or being forced to small back of the woods parks in gang areas. We try home meets but cosplay group numbers range from 5 to over 50.

My groups most resent experience involved going to OZ the Great and Powerfull the first week. A few from our group decided to go see the movie after a small swap meet we had. we planed this before the swap meet and got our tickets online ahead of time. I had just finished a Costume from Wicked and thought what a better time to show the creation off? the rest of the group arrived before us they got pulled due to wigs. they didn't have too much trouble it was just a matter of putting the wigs in their purses and letting their real hair out. Me I had a little more trouble I had face paint but I had asked ahead of time and they simply told me no masks. I had a feeling I might be pointed out but the paint was water color it didn't hide or change my face other than color. Also was easy to remove with some water and scrubbing. On the way up to the theater I got several good comments on the dress and the makeup job. However, as soon as I got to the door security was there waiting for me. told me they couldn't let me in due to the face paint. my group had already gone in I had one normal dressed friend with me and my mother as well. I didn't get mad at security I had hoped it wouldn't happen but kinda figured it would. I didn't get mad with them or anything didn't fight. but we had to hurry the movie was starting. so I said "I have no problems with taking it off .can I go to the restroom to accommodate you?" the guard responded coldly "I cant let you in with paint!" "Ok then, but I need this off and im tight on time I already payed. I don't mind being escorted to the restroom if that's what it takes." she got even colder with me "theres a gas station across the street." Across a highway intersection and two busy parking lots! You got to be kidding me! none the less we didn't have much choice. Me and my friend wanted to push since I had asked before and they had told me MASKS not paint. we missed the first few minutes of the movie and I lost most of my group.

I have a best bud cosplayer IN Colorado, and that's where the shooting was. She and her groups can still do normal activities with no problems. Her group goes to starwars showings, bowling and that kind of thing with no troubles.

I just don't understand why are we being forced under the rug wile her group where the shooting took place is fine.

I tried to make a case on another site and someone told me that I needed a mental ward if I was costuming in public at 20. well guess what? the advridge cosplayer age range is 11-35 sometimes older. Also ive been cosplaying since 2010, ive NEVER run into drug or drinking problems with them. one of the few teen and young adult activities that you don't have that issue much. something to think about huh?

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Name: Marianne Archer
Age: 30
Country: United States
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Arts
Education level: Some college
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Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 180
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